What I Learned Last Week in the MCU (7/12/2020-7/18/2020)

Giancarlo Esposito is poised to join the MCU in the near future – This has been rumored for some time now and while Esposito has not taken a role, he has made it clear he wants to play an “enduring” role in the MCU. Check out his far ranging interview with Entertainment Tonight here – https://bit.ly/2WxAOF1

An Eternals teaser trailer is likely coming soon – The first trailer for The Eternals was rated prior to the pandemic but due to The Eternals being pushed back to February 2021, we have yet to see any footage of the film. According to Amit Chaudhari(who has given accurate information in the past on trailer releases, most recently with a Black Widow trailer description and the trailer’s release less than a week later), we should have something coming for The Eternals in the coming weeks. Per his source, we may also be getting trailers or content for other Disney+ shows and people have began speculating that we may begin to see these trailers during the upcoming restart of sports in North America. Source – https://bit.ly/2OHuu9Y

Tom Holland says Spider-Man 3 should be done filming in February 2021 – Tom Holland has finally began filming for Uncharted but now we know when he will finish filming for Spider-Man 3. A user on r/MarvelStudios on Reddit, found a video on Tom Holland’s father’s Patreon where Tom, his brother and father are discussing Tom’s upcoming and incredibly busy schedule. He states that filming should be finished in February of 2021, which lines up with the target production date of September (this was the target back prior to the pandemic and even with the delays, it appears they will begin filming around this target date). Production could start as late as October and still allow the cast and crew enough time to have the film finished by February 2021, so the start of production on Spider-Man 3 is likely tied to the end of production for Uncharted. Source – https://bit.ly/3jk8H6e

Hawkeye will be the first Disney+ show to feature multiple directors – The three Marvel Studio shows in production have all featured one director for the whole series but that will change with Hawkeye. Bert and Bertie (the directing duo of Amber Finlayson and Katie Ellwood) and Rhys Thomas have been tapped to direct blocks of episodes for Hawkeye. Source – https://bit.ly/3eLg2bg

WandaVision reportedly still set to release in December 2020 – All that can be said is “what a week” when it comes to WandaVision news. First, Deadline reported that despite the pandemic delays, we would be getting WandaVision in December of this year. Then THR reported that WandaVision was getting pushed back to its original release date of Spring 2021, only to turn around and retract that statement less than a day later. So as it sits right now, we should be getting Black Widow and WandaVision this with the likelihood we still get The Falcon and the Winter Soldier in 2020 as well. Source – https://bit.ly/2WCBXeK

The Falcon and the Winter Solider new release date likely to be announced soon – On Thursday, Disney released the new slate of August releases for Disney+ and The Falcon and the Winter Soldier was inevitably missing from this list. A source close to the situation has confirmed the show has been delayed but ” If all goes well, a new premiere date will be announced soon”. While this gives us no clear timeframe on when the show will be released, the cast and crew only need to film for another nine days to complete filming for the show and are scheduled to do so in the fall. Barring any unexpected delays, we should likely see the release of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier in 2020. Source – https://bit.ly/3eHiZd1



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