In addition to the new weapon systems, the MK6 saw the addition of several new features and capabilities. Tony added calf thrusters to each leg of the suit, which increased both the speed and maneuverability of the suit. This is the first suit to feature a pressurization system and remain watertight allowing the suit to function underwater. The MK6 is the most durable armor to date, during his second fight with Vanko, the MK6 only suffered minor damage from Whiplash Mark II, whereas the MK5 was almost unrecognizable after Tony’s encounter with Whiplash Mark I. During the events of The Avengers, the MK6 allowed Tony to go toe to toe with Thor, absorbing the Thunder God’s lightning and super charging the suit to 475% and was still capable of sustained flight after being heavily damaged by the Helicarrier’s turbine.

While the MK6 made it’s debut in Iron Man 2, Tony continued to use the MK6 throughout The Avengers until the suit sustained heavy damage while Tony was repairing the S.H.I.E.L.D Helicarrier and was forced to deploy the MK7 before the Battle of New York, even though this suit was still in it’s prototype phase. Tony eventually repaired the MK6 and retired it to the Hall of Armors but the suit destroyed when the Mandarin attacked Stark’s mansion in Iron Man 3.

Quick Facts

  • Designer– Tony Stark
  • User– Tony Stark
  • Code Name– None
  • Armor Class– Basic Iron Man Suit
  • Armor Type– All-Purpose Suit
  • Armor Color– Red with golden and silver plates
  • Armor Height– 6’3
  • Status– Destroyed
  • Power CoreNew Element Mini-Arc Reactor I
  • Armor Features– Calf thrusters, Pressurized armor system
  • Armor Systems– J.A.R.V.I.S OS, Propulsion systems, Filtration system
  • Weapons– Repulsors, Unibeam, 200-Petawatt laser, micro munition missiles, rockets, shoulder-mounted guns, flares
  • Armor Composition– Gold titanium-alloy
  • Armor Capabilities– Super strength and enhanced durability, Flight, Ice resistance, Water resistance
  • PredecessorMARK IV
  • SuccessorMARK VII
  • Preceded ByMARK V
  • Followed ByMARK VII
  • First AppearanceIron Man 2

Features and Capabilities

  • Calf thrusters– a thruster was added to the back of each calf. These additional thrusters allowed for increased flight speeds, power and maneuverability
  • Pressurized armor system– this system regulated the internal pressure of the suit allowing it function underwater.
  • Water resistance– the MK6 was the first suit to be waterproof as seen in the opening of The Avengers when Tony disconnected Stark Tower from the New York power grid.
  • Enhanced durability– while every suit enhances the user’s durability, the MK6 is one of the most durable suits. It allowed Tony to assist in the repair of Stark Tower, go toe to toe with Thor and repair the severely damaged S.H.I.E.L.D Helicarrier.
  • Standard Iron Man suit capabilities– this suit grants the user standard capabilities of all Iron Man suits including super strength, enhanced durability, flight and ice resistance.


  • 200-petawatt laser– the New Element Arc Reactor powered two 200-petawatt lasers that were mounted on the back of each hand plate. These lasers can cut through virtually any material but could only be used once.
  • Micro munition missiles– the MK6 holds eight self propelled micro munition missiles in each wrist gauntlet of the suit.
  • Standard Iron Man suit weapons– this suit possesses the signature Repulsor gauntlets, Unibeam, shoulder-mounted guns, rockets and flares.


    • Standard Iron Man suit systems– this suit possesses the standard Iron Man suit systems including the J.A.R.V.I.S OS and the propulsion system.


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