Transcript for Episode 1: WandaVision, A Purple People Eater, & The Multiverse Bifrost

Jake: Hey. Hi. Hello and welcome to the first episode of History of the MCU, the podcast that covers anything and everything MCU-related. I’m one of your hosts, Jake, better known as lord_anarchy, or JakeBakersays, or l0rd0fthunder, or possibly a whole bunch of other names because I’m terrible at branding. 

Jenny: and hi, I’m Jenny Mac, your bloody baroness, aka skull kid, aka Jenny thee pitbull. 

Jake: Quick spoiler warning, this is a re-watch podcast, so we will potentially be talking about any of the MCU movies, one shots, TV shows, tie-in comics, and the newest addition, Marvel Legends, which dropped on Disney+ this weekend, and I would recommend it to everyone because it is fantastic. 

 Jenny: So as if the name of the podcast didn’t give it away, lots of spoilers to come if you need to go brush up, go do so now. Thanks. 

 Jake: Yeah, I would advise it, ’cause I don’t wanna be the reason anyone gets spoiled, but we’re also talking about old stuff for the most part, and new episodes, so if you haven’t seen the episode, don’t listen to it yet, and if you haven’t seen the movie, what are you doing 

 Jenny: Then you’re probably at the wrong place anyway 

 Jake: Yes, definitely, I would say so. I appreciate the support, friends who don’t watch the MCU, but this is your time to log off, but yeah, like I just mentioned, the Marvel Legends came out this week and it dropped two episodes and they were quick recaps of Wanda and  Vision’s arcs throughout the MCU and I really, really enjoyed them. We have a friend, Chloe, she’s gonna be on the podcast eventually, but she was talking about that they really looked like really, really good fan trailers that we see over… We see on social media all the time… 

 Jenny: Yeah, they gave stans a run for their money, it was really… 

 Jake: Well, if they had dropped like some Nicki Minaj or whatever song they put on, the kpop, on those, what do they call them? fancams, then that that easily could have been a fan cam… You know what I’m saying? But I think they were both right around seven minutes long, and I mean, both of them are in all of the same movies,  Vision’s, not in Winter Soldier, but we only get Wanda for the post credit scene of Winter Soldier, but then they’re both in Ultron, Civil War Infinity War and… Well,   Vision is not an Endgame, but Wanda is. 

Jenny: Its still too soon…we still get more  Vision content and it will never feel okay watching him be murdered twice in a row, it’s just… 

Jake: Yeah, that was terrible. Like could you imagine if you’re Wanda, you had to kill your boyfriend, then you have to watch your boyfriend get resurrected by the giant Purple People Eater, and then watch the Purple People Eater pull your boyfriends brain out of his head 

Jenny: Coming into talking about their arcs and what we’ve seen from Wanda and   Vision so far, so you’re talking about how Wanda has already now had to watch her boyfriend get murdered, rather… She had to do it the first time. So first of all, she had to murder her boyfriend per his request , and then he had to watch a purple ballsack do it, and this is after she’s already seen her twin brother, who was the only thing she had left in the world, also get murdered. Yeah, fucking Hawkeye, which we can get into another time in 

Jake: BOOOOOO! Bring back Nat, let hawkeye die on Vormir 

 Jenny: Can we talk about the tragedy that is Wanda Maximoff… 

 Jake: Yeah, so her life started that first off, apparently Sokovia is just super shitty. And always really has been. There are a couple of deleted scenes that delve more into Wanda and Pietros upbringing in Sokovia. They were real poor. Obviously, they tell the story about their parents dying and the bombing that happened there, and where they sat and saw the stark industry missiles staring out them in their face for two days, so… I mean, I understand their deep-seated hate for Tony Stark, even though we all know I love Tony start, but I understand why y’all don’t like Tony Stark. I wouldn’t like that name, I wouldn’t like the stark name either 

 Jenny: Right here we have that anime or sort of manga arc thing of getting you to understand where the villains are coming from and then potentially having them end up on your team, which… Yeah, yeah. So I appreciate that 

Jake: Always. Yeah, and so then they spent the majority of their lives up until they’re still pretty young in the MCU… Don’t quote me on this, but I wanna say by 2023, if you were to include the five years that she was disappeared for us, she’s maybe 24, 25 now, so she’s still technically like 19 or 20, ’cause they’re apparently not counting the people who got snapped away that doesn’t count towards their age, like we saw a far from home, but yeah. So they spend a lot of their lives on the street, then they volunteered for the test with Hydra to try and get powers, so… Yeah, they got the powers and then apparently were back on the streets of covid for a while because they’ve got a deleted scene. Pietro is using his powers to steal shit for the rest of the people in Sokovia, and Wanda is like, Yeah, you gotta chill with that, she made some comment that kind of foreshadows to his death, but that was one that got cut, and I think there’s another scene that talks a little bit more about their childhood that got cut, but… Yeah, so I mean, they finally…She finally feels like she’s got a chance to get her avenge on Tony Stark and sees what Tony would do given the mind stone, which is why her and Pietro don’t start trying to actually stop them from taking the mindstone or take it themselves when the avengers attack the Hydra facility. So yeah, you know, they eventually teamup with Ultron, you know what I’m saying, they’re giving everybody  Vision’s make the hulk comes out, goes backers, but then Ultron goes to make  Vision’s body and Wanda is finally able to see what  Vision is trying to do, and… Yes, she wants to kill Tony Stark, but she doesn’t wanna end the world, so she does, she ends up joining up with The Avengers, obviously, there’s a really great scene in ultron where Hawkeye like you get it together. If you’re just gonna stay here, I’ll send your brother to come back and get you, but if you walk out that door, you are an Avenger, if you’re an Avenger… 

Jenny: I loved that in Legends too 

Jake: Yes. And in Civil War, one of the things she talks about that really good scene with  Vision where he makes her Popper gash or whatever, when they’re trying to keep her in the Avengers compound, and she’s like… I think I’m the same as I used to be, but I’m not really sure. And then when they’re leaving, when Hawkeye shows up and she’s like, Yo, I can’t control other people’s fear, all I can do is control mine, and you kind of see that she’s mastered her fears of things, and that’s one thing as they say, that Wanda doesn’t have any character development, and I’m like, Yeah, she does. She’s just… 

Jenny: It was just in those movies that weren’t… They weren’t necessarily directed by our all stars now, they just… They were a little messier as we were talking about in the discord. 

Jake: not even that, just the fact that they’re… She’s only been in team up movie, she hasn’t had her own… Anything that’s focused on Wanda, she was in-  

Jenny: and it sounds like taking away those couple deleted scenes really took away that. 

 Jake: Yeah, also at that time, I mean, Ultron ended up being like two hours and 15 minutes and we’ll get into Ultron, and while I do think that Ultron has aged really well, I do understand why a lot of people didn’t like it when it first came out, right. But yeah, she’s always been in a team up, you know what I’m saying? So when we ever had any focus on Wanda, so I can understand how you definitely do forget about the character development because she’s really only got-  

 Jenny: when i heard that she was getting the first show or a show at all, because I was like, Oh! And we haven’t even heard her super hero moniker, Scarlet Witch, yet which we can get more into, I’m very excited to hear for the first time, hopefully. 

Jake: And you know it can… Technically, she wouldn’t have been the first one. Right, yeah, that’s largely 2020 throwing a wrench in the plan of everything, but I don’t have an issue with her being the first one to get it because it really set the stage with her in Endgame in that show down with Thanos for her to become a big face of the MCU, the screener episodes for Wanda Vision have gone out and everything that we’ve seen review-wise has been very positive, and it really looks like Marvel’s doing something different and not following the MCU formula, whatever that is. It’ll be cool to see them do something that obviously has never been… When have they done sitcoms in the super hero genre? So that’ll be cool. And then just a multiverse aspect of everything we’ve got coming and really seeing wanes powers opening all the way up to her become the Scarlet Witch. I probably think the Agnes is gonna give her that moniker. Agnes is probably Agatha Harkness, and she ends up being a mentor for Wanda and will be portrayed throughout the show as one of the possible suspects of being the villain, the same way we were talking to the little pre-recording episode. 

Jake: We’re gonna be as lost as Wanda and  Vision are, they’re gonna realize, I think probably by the end of that second episode on Friday that things are a miss the first episode. I think they’re gonna realize they don’t have things like how they met and wedding rings, and Wanda starts to make those things and as wants to make those things, you’ll start to see things modernized as far as when they were filmed. A lot of it was filmed in front of a live audience, and a lot of the 1950-60 sound effects that go along with those kind of sitcoms, so I’m really excited about that, but yeah, so no, I think that Agatha will be portrayed throughout as one of the possible villains, but that she is gonna end up being a mentor for Wanda. 

 Jenny: Yeah, I’m really looking forward to finding out how she gets more into the… Witch piece, you know that… Yes, the comics at least, again, and I know that these are not necessarily directly related, but the comics at least she has those in imbibed powers, and then she also does the magic practice, and I think we’re also… Obviously, seeing that come to fruition in Dr. Strange in the multiverse promo stuff, we’re seeing her with his magic 

Jake: So I wouldn’t be surprised if… And my predictions for multi-verse of madness will largely… And Spider-Man 3 will largely be tempered by what happens in Wanda Vision, it depends on is Wanda actually the villian and she’s just losing her mind, then she may be set up as more of an antagonistic type role inMultiverse of Madness… I’m kinda leaning more towards a villain, is utilizing her power set and the fact that she’s going through this crazy grief, ’cause that’s a thing and she didn’t mourn  Vision, she got snapped away after he died, and then she came back and was finna kill thanos in the same way she had Ultron strapped up in Age of Ultron and just rip old man’s heart out… Oh. 

 Jenny: That would have been delicious. It would have been delicious  

 Jake: Upset, I’m really upset that that didn’t actually have him… Depending on how Wanda Vision ends up, you know, playing out with the pen will dictate what kind of relationship her and strange have with each other, ’cause I could very much see us getting confirmation that she’s just got Infinity powers, but then Dr. Strange also trained her as a master of the mystic arts, so she can tap into both Infinity Stone Energy, which I’m sure we’re gonna get an explanation with that we’ve areas seen in the trailers that it very much looks like we’re gonna get to see the scene for getting her powers with the mind stone, so I imagine learning to be a master of the mystic arts will allow her to control her Infinity Stone powers too, so it just depends on who the villain ultimately is, whether it’s Wanda or it’s an outside person. I’m really leaning towards nightmare, but I’ve also heard the Grim Reaper and I’m… Mephisto is another option. I don’t know that he’s necessarily gonna get an introduction this early, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see him crop up soon 

 Jenny: ’cause is mephisto technically like a demon. (jake: Yeah, yeah) this is me just going off of a marvel encyclopedia, so I think more about Wanda tragedy is we’ve seen her lose so so much and we finally see her find happiness with  Vision. For me, it was a really nice reminder to see all of this in Legends, it was nice to see it all . 

 Jake: I said they’re all in. They’re all in in team up movies, so if you don’t condense it, if you don’t condense it down to just focusing on them… Yeah, it really is easy to miss their… You know what I saying? Their story from when they met in Ultron through Civil War, ’cause even when they fight in Civil War, the way that He cradles her after the battle and says, I’m sorry, you know, and then to see them after the events of Civil War and has been spending time together over the past two years, which I do think is something that will be visited in this. As they start to figure out that they’re not in… That something’s a miss to start to get their memories back and we will probably get some flashbacks to what they were doing those two years in between civil war and Infinity War, but… 

 Jenny: ’cause I wanted to see a little bit more of that story, and I was wondering sort of where we’re gonna be able to see Wanda getting into some combat. Obviously, we know a villain is gonna be reveal eventually, and some shit’s gonna go down towards the end, but legends made me excited to see her fight, (jake: I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s fighting sword agents) it means i get to see Elizabeth and Paul acting together their chemistry is fantastic, so I’m so prepared for more heartbreak for poor Wanda coming into this, but I’m also looking forward to maybe seeing or have a little bit of happiness, even if it’s in this pocket reality thats not even real. 

Jake: The thing is we’re gonna get some blissful domestic you know what im saying, Scarlet Witch and  Vision together when they have the babies, I wouldn’t be surprised if that Halloween scene, they actually have the kids with them at that point, (jenny: that’s what I was thinking, ’cause why are they trick or treating?) Yeah. Why are growing people trick or treating 

 Jenny: And I’m very excited about the kids, which I don’t know if you wanna talk about that now or later, and… 

 Jake: Well, that’s the thing is I think that we’ll probably get that domestic happy Wanda and  Vision with the kids, and then that’s really when things will start to crash in on themselves, and I imagine that’s when strange probably shows up, because I don’t think he’s in it for just like a cameo on the last episode, I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s involved in the last two or three episodes… (jenny: Cool.) Not necessarily, I wouldn’t be surprised if they introduced him, and I think there’s nine episodes, so at the end of the 6th no of the 7th episode, and then he would feature somewhat through eight and nine, and I think eight and nine is probably where we’ll see a lot of the combat, I wouldn’t be surprised if Wanda is fighting sword agents at first, and then also depending on when Monica gets her powers in the show and will dictate because I think that Wanda is giving Monica the powers. The same way that Carol got caught in the explosion from the tesseract engine, there’s a good chance that when Wanda pushes Monica out of her little pocket reality that that causes her to  absorb Infinity energy, or there’s a potential that if Wanda actually does reconstitute the infinity stones that Monica gets trapped in that somehow and absorbs energy, but I think that regardless of the context, we do see Monica get her powers, and if Wanda Comes Out Swinging at sword towards the end of the show, I wouldn’t be surprised if Monica has her powers already and she’s the one that has to fight Wanda cause i mean who else fighting Wanda? 

 Jenny: especially if we don’t know what is gonna be seeing or is thinking that she’s potentially doing… If this, the whole thing is bent reality, we don’t know. 

Jake: Well, and that’s the thing is if you break into the reality and you snap her out of it, there’s no telling how she’s gonna react, and so if sword is the one that snaps her out of it for whatever reason, whether it be good or bad, it’s likely good, but it’s 

 Jenny: its like waking a sleep walker 

 Jake: With… Yes, yes. You have no idea what’s gonna happen. Yes, exactly. So she just comes out swinging and Doctor Strange is not there at that point, then you’ve gotta have somebody that can math her. So I wouldn’t be surprised if Monica’s got her powers by the time things just kinda start falling in on themselves and that you’re probably gonna see Monica and Wanda go a couple of rounds, I wouldn’t be surprised to see strange and want to go a couple of rounds, what I do think by the end of this, Even if Wanda and her grief is the one that’s causing all of this, or if it’s a villain manipulating her for whatever reasons, that by the end, sword strange and agatha harkness are all on the same side supporting Wanda, to getting her to control and learn to use our powers correctly, but I mean also there’s no telling… We know the kids are coming, but there’s… (jenny: We only know because of some intel right?), i mean she’s been pregnant in the trailers and they’ve both been holding the babies and they’ve been holding the babies in the trailers, so I mean, but we also don’t know anything that’s coming outside of that, it’s just… We know the kids are gonna be there like, how do they start aging, so that’s the thing as if, why do we progress a decade every episode? Are there actually like 10 years passing in reality, like how do the kids grow up, is it just Wanda makes babies and then she sees little kids playing outside, so she makes them grow up, or does she fast forward time… There’s all kind of things because Wanda’s powers haven’t been really, really defined within the MCU, just that she’s super strong, there’s lots of… It’s so much that you can’t predict and it… That’s the thing with… Yes, and that’s gonna be the thing with the TV shows in comparison to the movies, for me is like I’ll be able to predict like bits and pieces of the TV show, but it’s easy to nail down like a two-hour movie, but a six-hour show was a whole lot more. And then with, like I said, if we know that spectrums come in, we know the kids are coming, we know swords there, we know that there’s probably potentially a villain and that Evan Peters is likely either quicksilver from the Fox universe or the villain in the show. But like what don’t we know what surprises do they have lined up for us that (jenny: we were talking before, very excited for a potential Evan Peters villain because as the villain) Oh yes. Oh yes. Oh yes, so I’m super hype for that. I’ve really heard nightmare, I wouldn’t be surprised. He would be a great mephisto to so I just haven’t seen what I’ve seen scoopers say that they don’t think mephisto is showing up, and so he definitely potentially could be, but I think they were probably gonna get nightmare and nightmare would make a lot of sense especially if they’re the one manipulating… 

 Jenny: Yeah, I mean, he could be the badder guy down the road… 

 Jake: Yeah, definitely. I think he’s gonna be more in a loki (jenny: or like dormammu kinda), yeah ’cause that’s the thing is, I’m very curious what’s gonna happen with dormammu because the Time Stone doesn’t exist, which is also why I really do think that Wanda ends up reconstituting the infinity stones, ’cause that was the whole thing with dormammu like him and strange, he made a deal and he was like, I’ll leave Earth alone if you take me out of this time loop, but if you don’t have a time on his side in the morning, he can’t control it dormammu was free to just pull up also, please bring Mads Mikleson back as dormammu’s earthly avatar in Dr. Strange, two or three, ’cause he was wildly under-utilized as Caecillius in Doctor Strange and make him dormammu so he can be all arrogant, an asshole and then have Powers. So yeah, I would just really like to see that. Well, and I think that actually probably pivots pretty well up into the theory portion of stuff, some Wanda Vision theories, you go ahead and start with yours and what you think…  

Jenny: so obviously, Wanda is pregnant in the trailer, she has the babies, talking a little bit about what I got from my little encyclopedia primary source (jake: *wheeze laughter*) here we know that Wanda is seen in the comics as a mutant, so we can look then at her kids who were assuming it’s gonna be speed and wiccan 

Jake: I think so, yes. 

 Jenny: So in my eyes, because of Wanda’s comic connection to the Mutants and house of M and Magneto and all this stuff, which hasn’t been touched in the MCU, so this could totally be trash, but I’m wondering if Wanda creating these kids brings the mutants into the MCU really this is just me as a deadpool fan, getting excited to see more deadpool in the MCU, so I’m just grasping at straws. Or how do we get mutants here… 

 Jake: I mean, that’s not a bad theory, there was a really long time that I thought that Wanda would do the House of M inverse and make the mutants she says No more mutants. I don’t know like, “make mutants”, I don’t know what would be like a cool line for that, but I don’t think that she’s tied to the mutant origin in the MCU, I think the mutants origin will be revealed in the eternals. The Celestials are probably the ones that ended up making the mutants, so this is probably gonna be a thing that we definitely see in eternals. The Celestials pull up like thousands, thousands of years ago, and the experiment on early man, and that’s… They make the eternals, they also made the deviants and the last thing they did was they set it up so humanity has the ability to evolve into something more eventually, and that’s the X-gene, (jenny: ahhh!) which has to be activated and can be activated by different things, like we saw in deadpool, if you put them under extreme conditions and you saw the shit they did a deadpool before he actually… Before his gene activated, and so not everyone has the gene, it obviously got diluted in the population as more and more people came about… 

 Jenny: Do we think now we find out whether Wanda had the X gene and it was just exposed by the stone or if it was just the sound… 

 Jake: I think that it’s just a stone. 

 Jenny: And that makes more sense, I think, but  

Jake: Very well could be that the stone activated the x gene, and a theory that I had a while ago was that potentially all the energy from the snap, when thanos snapped at the end of Infinity War, that energy explosion is what activated a whole bunch of people’s X gene, and that could be what brings the mutants into the MCU, but when you do that, that means that the mutants haven’t existed prior to 2017 or 2018, a universe and kills a lot of those really iconic back stories for some mutants. now to fix that, you can bring in some of those iconic backstory mutants from the multi-verse now, but I think that the X-Men have probably existed in the MCU and that Professor X is probably using some kind of mind wipe on all of them so that they don’t remember that they have powers and stuff, with the exception of a handful of them, Agents of SHIELD, we can talk about whether or not that’s Canon, but the idea that there are super power people on earth in the MCU that The Avengers don’t know about, is very much a thing, they could be inhumans, but they could also be mutants, but I do think the mutants already exist and that with the events of Endgame and Infinity War, that Professor X is like, Alright, I don’t think we can just chill in the shadows anymore, and this is why the X-Men started to come out, so you’ll see them pop up throughout different shows throughout phase four, but we won’t get into a full-fledged X-Men movie probably until 2024/2025 

 Jenny: Yeah, which made sense.  

 Jake: Yeah, yeah, because Fiege has so much stuff and that’s the thing is all of this stuff that’s coming out has already been lined up for four or five years, like I said in the pre-recording, they started filming Infinity War, an Endgame in 2016, 2017. So the plan for a post that was already made before the Fox deal went through where they got the rights to the X-Men back, so I do think that probably shifted and altered some plans for the X-Men and accelerated some stuff, but I don’t think they Wanda… ’cause if Wanda make mutants, and that means that the mutants are in the MCU right now, we’re gonna see them and stuff going forward, and like you said, we’re probably gonna get 10 projects this year, we’re probably gonna get that or more in 2022, and that’s what stuff that’s already announced on… Where are you gonna announce an x-men show or a movie? If they were confirmed to be because of Wanda Vision they work for them to already be in the MCU, there’s no place for the mutants right now, so just to have random mutants pop up, I think makes more sense. And then had the eternals come out when it’s supposed to in 2020, that would have been out before one di Vision and that would have answered that question, and then the question now would be, Alright, well, is Wanda a mutant or not, did you her powers get activated or do you have Infinity Stone powers? 

 Jenny: Yeah. 

 Jake: So now we have the question of, where do the mutants come from? Plus what is Wanda’s origin? I think she’s definitely along the lines of Carol and got her powers from the Infinity Stone, but it obviously very much could be that Infinity Stone, that kind of signature energy is what activates an x-gene as well too, ’cause you could… There have been Infinity stones on earth, obviously for a plethora of time is very… It’s very believable that the handful of mutants that do exist came into contact with an Infinity Stone, and so that’s how Wanda unlocked her powers 

 Jenny: Or from somebody else who came in contact with one, as we’ve seen, they tend to create a lot of chaos around them. (jake: Yes, yes.) 

 Jake: And so I think that we probably won’t see Wanda have really much to do with the X-Men, and I don’t think that we’ll see any mutants or X-Men in this tv show 

 Jenny: In this phase really, or this part of the phase.  

 Jake: I think that we’ll get… I wouldn’t be surprised if we get a name drop in Falcon in The Winter Soldier. The idea that we’re gonna see mutants crop up through Phase Four and Phase Five is a really good idea, but again, I don’t think we see any like X-Men team up until 2024-2025 at the earliest. So it doesn’t really make sense for want to introduce the mutants at this point, but… Yeah, so they’re loosely drawing from a lot of different comics, and you’ll see some on-screen images that are like just like comic book panels lifted from the page that come to life, but as far as the story goes, I don’t think that it’s the critical piece of House of M, I don’t think we’re gonna see in Wanda Vision… Alright, so we now get in two episodes on Friday, I think they’re probably gonna be between 25-30 minutes long, and then I think with that one, that’ll be six. So I think the first six episodes touched on the 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, and 2000s of tele Vision, and each episode will be focused on a different decade, like we were talking about in the pre-episode joint. I think the first two episodes, I wouldn’t be surprised if we only see Wanda and  Vision and it’s only them in their reality as theyre..I don’t know if they have the kids that earlier or not, but like I said, the wedding ring thing, that dinner that’s in one of the trailers with Debra Jo Rupp, they said there’s a bunch of sitcom people that show up on the show that’s in the roles that they kind of played on whatever show that they were in, and so it’ll be cool to see how the plot of the episode ties into the decade of sitcom that they’re riffing on because that’s a thing that the themes of those era sitcoms are really brought to the forefront in those episodes, and then seven, eight, nine are just gonna be trippy as hell like that, that scene from Doctor Strange when he gets pushed through the multiverse multiply that by 1000 

 Jenny: sorry you can’t see this on a podcast, but I just did a full on vinegar stroke kind of chill. It was really, I’m sure it was super cute. 

 Jake: So where that was like, that was like a two-minute and 30-second long scene. Imagine like the 45-minute to an hour-long episodes of that everybody 

 Jenny: Stack up on your mushroom chocolates for the last three or so. Yeah. 

 Jake: Like I said earlier in the episode, I really think this is probably where we’ll end up seeing a lot of the combat, I don’t think they will see a whole lot of that in the first six episodes, because I think by the time we get to three and four is the episodes will be split between Wanda and  Vision in their reality and then sword on the outside, so I think in episode like three or four, we’ll end up seeing both inside Wanda’s eality and then outside of Wanda’s reality (jenny: good ’cause I’m curious to see) We’ll see the… The episodes will be split by what’s going on with sword outside and what’s going on with Wanda inside, and apparently at least through the first three episodes, for sure, we’re left in the dark the same way that Wanda and  Vision or they can tell that something is amiss and that something’s wrong. And they keep finding these clues to what’s going on, but they don’t know what’s happening and we don’t know what’s happening. 

 Jenny: And I’m really curious to see how  Vision is handled with all of this, because we’re seeing agnes in the trailer saying “youre dead!”. And does he know he’s dead is there a point when he realizes he’s dead, and this isn’t… As you said, we’re gonna be in the dark as they are, so this is stuff that could be developing. 

 Jake: I’m just really, really curious what’s going on with  Vision, so I do want to get his body and did she reanimate it?… Did she make a whole new  Vision body, is he just a complete fabrication of reality that she’s made… If he is… What does that mean? (jenny: Does he have any agency? Does he have a consciousness outside of Wanda?) so one theory that I’ve seen floated that I really like a lot is that  Vision isn’t ever actually  Vision, right, and that he is the villain masquerading as  Vision and is manipulating Wanda into making this bubble reality for whatever the villains ultimate purpose is, like I said, I really think it’s the infinity stones. I piece these theories together from all kind of different sources, but there’s always the avenue that I’m just absolutely the fuck Wrong, I just think the idea of reconstituting the Infinity stones strives forward, like What does Doctor Strange gonna do in multiverse of madness without the Time Stone? How is he gonna defend against all of those inter-dimensional threats and shit, that was a thing that the ancient one was talking about in Endgame, like if you take this, we ain’t got shit to fight the bad guy also, what does that mean for the mainstream earth where the infinity stones right now are just in atom form at some point and i tweeted this after Endgame came out about somebody reconstituting the infinity stones, so I think it’s something that’s definitely gonna happen at some point in the MCU…I just think that Wanda has… And that Wanda has the power set to be able to do it, but “(mocking tone) oh, well, then there’s no consequences that the infinity stones just come back” Well, none of us even thought the infinity stones were gonna be destroyed in endgame until that should happen in endgame, that was not a theory that I saw across the twitterspehre and on social media and stuff, so the idea of the Stones coming back and then being redistributed and that impacts the power balance in the MCU is a really cool idea, and that’s the thing is what if one can only reconstitute the mind stone, so then now, one of the big plot points of multiverse of madness is strange trying to fight whoever villain is to get the mind stone, because the Time Stone isn’t i mean the mind stone isn’t the time stone, but an Infinity Stone has to be better against defending against beings like dormammu then no stone at all. So I wouldn’t be surprised to see if the infinity stones are another plot thread that pop back up through phase four or five and six. 

 Jenny: Especially ’cause we’re gonna probably see some of the fall out that tearing the infinity stones out of the multiverse has created.  

 Jake: That’s one thing I’ve been talking about on Twitter a whole lot recently too, is like, Oh, you can’t undo time, so if you go to a timeline and you take their Infinity Stone, even if you bring it back literally at that exact same second, which that in and of itself is damn near impossible, I watch, I watch and game last night and was treating about this in taking those stones back and doing it without anybody noticing in at least three of the situations, it’s just not plausible, and then there’s that one timeline where to locate the tesseract. There’s no fixing that. So I think all of that is probably really gonna be explored a whole lot in loki with the TVA, the time variance authority, and the fact that The Avengers just completely and royally fucked over the multiverse to save their earth. Their name is the Avengers, they’re not the pre-vengers, they don’t stop shit from happening, they’re like the fucking cops, they don’t actually stop crime, they just do should do shit about it afterwards and usually over-react and make shit terrible for everybody, but yeah, Tony, not only taking the stones and fucking up timelines, you can’t dust a gigantic army from a different timeline and expect nothing to happen from that, you’ve brought cosmic attention multi-verse attention to a largely undefended planet at this point now because… And not only just planet, but universe, ’cause the infinity stones don’t exist in this universe anymore as the main MCU timeline, they’re just atoms. So they have to come back at some point. Somebody has to find a way to harness those powers, so if Wanda can destroy a stone, it really makes sense to me that one could recreate a stone. So I wouldn’t be surprised if we see that. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised at that scene where it’s the mind stone and it looks like it’s showing us her getting her powers, if that’s not a scene of her making the mindstone. 

 Jenny: Yeah, that’s a really good little like…oh i like this 

Jake:  And so that’s the thing is she may not be able to recreate all of the Infinity stones because her energy signature only matches the mind stone, but she can probably recreate the mind stone, and if thats nightmares, ultimate goal is to recreate the Mindstone, so he can have an Infinity Stone, and then it makes sense why you’ve got her trapped in this alternate reality where you can control her and tap into her powers… It makes sense why you’re masquerading as her lover to manipulate her into doing what you wanna do. Again, who the villain is is really gonna dictate how a lot of this goes, I don’t think that anybody will probably be able to nail that down. I know through the first three episodes, probably the first four or five episodes, unless you have just some crazy insider information. Alright, so we talked about this a little bit earlier. Agnes would be revealed to be Agatha Harkness and will be presented as a villain largely throughout the show, but will actually become a mentor to Wanda, and I think she’s probably playing along with Wanda’s reality to keep Wanda’s mind from breaking, which is eventually probably gonna happen towards the end when she finds out, it’s not all real. And I’m also real curious how the MCU was gonna handle speed and wiccan and how they exist and- 

Jenny: How they age and how they… 

Jake: Could you put the MCU twist on it? Where their parents are, Wanda and nightmare, (jenny: *gasp*) you know what I’m saying? Because  Vision doesn’t actually exist. So that’s the thing is MCU puts their own spin and twist on things from the comics, so I mean, if  Vision is not  Vision, and then even if  Vision actually is  Vision… What does that mean that  Vision is?. So how do we make the babies? Was it just Wanda just like, POOF I’m pregnant or did like she need to use… And  Vision’s, a synthezoid does  Vision even make sperm? How are these babies made, what is this… Are these just all magic, and then also what happens if you create somebody in that reality and then that reality is destroyed, what does that do to that person and their psyche… What does that do to you? So I think that’s largely fall that we see in 7-9  

Jenny: maybe the babies finally coming to be, could be something that’s one of those anchors to her reality, maybe now that there are other entities that she’s created… maybe that’s what’s causing it to really break down around her, I’m very curious to see. 

 Jake: I really think that Wanda gives Monica her powers talked about that already though, but again, regardless of how it happens, the show starts with Monica just being like a regular sword agent and then by the end of the show, she ends up with her powers becomes spectrum, and like I said, I really think that that we’ll probably see some… A couple rounds between Wanda and spectrum, and when Wanda really gets snapped out of reality, and just like you said, like a sleep walker just Comes Out Swinging. I think we do, even though I just mentioned that, that seem in the trailer where that could be her recreating the mind stone, I do think that we really eventually get clarity on how she got her powers, how they actually work, whether or not she’s a mutant and so even Peters is 100% in the show, they… You can see it on Disney plus, they’ve got him listed as one of the… As one of the actors on the show… Same with Benedict Cumberbatch. But yeah, so they’re for sure in the show, what his role is, nobody knows now, I don’t know anyone that actually knows he could be playing Quicksilver from the fox universe, and it could be that Wanda’s trying to bring back her brother and ends up bringing back a different one, like I said, the possibility of a multi-verse Bridge… I don’t remember if I said that, I think that was in the pre-episode thing, but she probably end up making a bridge in the multiverse, whether it’s intentional or not, and that’s what allows these people to travel from The Amazing Spider-Man franchise and the Raimi Spider-Man franchise in the Spider-Man 3, whatever crazy shenanigans and cameos they have in Doctor Strange in the multiverse of madness, all of these will be… Because Wanda has built this multi-personal bridge, again, I’m not sure if that’s gonna be intentional on her part or not, or if it’s her reaching to get things and as she reaches to get Quicksilver, she gets the wrong one and is she reach into the fox universe, He made a bridge over there, and then she needs something else from a different universe, and she reaches over there and as she pulls things from the multi-verse, she just leaves these bridges that people can come across. 

 Jenny: Yeah, and if you hear us talk about this again, Jake has referred to, this is like the multiverse bifrost, I think that are the multiverse Bridge, as you call it works… (jake: Yeah, yeah), I’m super curious to see that as well, to see if we get a look into what that looks like and how it works, but what were you talking about with the infinity Saga and these stones being removed, are we gonna get to get a peek into that, a peak behind the curtain through her in Bridge or that multiverse. 

 Jake: Then the… The other option with Evan Peters is, like we talked about earlier, is actually the bad guy (jenny: nightmare, grim reaper) Yeah, yeah, and it doesn’t matter which one of those kinds you put him as, he would really kill that role. Yeah, so yeah, I’m really curious to see what his role in this is, and I really honestly don’t care if he’s his version of quicksilver… If he’s another version of a superhero that they bring in, that we see an origin on this show, or if he’s the bad guy, like any option with him is just fantastic,  

 Jenny: but he ends up being one of the grown up kids… No. No. We don’t have Young Avengers yet. No getting way ahead of it …maybe? (jake: hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm) you’re having the sit com stuff, you could be like a grown kid in the 90s and 80s parts, I don’t know, ’cause you could be speed.  

Jake: Yeah, yeah, making him speed in the MC was kind of cool because it’s kind of like a meta shout out to him being Quicksilver in the Fox universe. Yeah, and I also said it’s like how much time is actually passing in between these sitcom episodes and they’re like, How much time is it in Wanda’s BubbleVerse Reality?  And then are we gonna see the kids grow up, ’cause like I said, the Halloween episode, it doesn’t really make sense for Wanda and  Vision to be trick or treating by themselves (editors note: hey hi its akira and it is perfectly normal for adults to dress up and eat candy okay), but if the kids are six, seven, eight, nine, 10 years old at this point. Now, it makes way more sense why they’re trick or treating. the thing is, if you have them in the 70s or the 80s, ’cause the funko pop us in the 70s, and that’s when she’s pregnant. So that means that she has the kids- 

 Jenny: So maybe they’re thicker treating in the 80s episode and maybe there yeah, we don’t know…  

Jake: Yeah, and so then you get to the 90s and then they’re in their teens and you get to the 2000s in their young 20s, so then he could put a young 20s is young 20s is still eligible for a Young Avengers team in my mind. 

Jake: Yeah, it just… On one again, what your definition of young is.. 

 Jenny: Yeah. And who’s part of that kinda team that they’re gonna put to get there. 

 Jake: But yeah, that… And like I said, that’s a cool meta. Then you also know the MCU is notorious for using de-aging technology, well Disney in general is. So I mean, like you… You could… That is a possibility. I haven’t thought of (jenny: ooo!) That would be kind of cool, that I haven’t thought about him being speed 

 Jenny: thats never gonna happen that I’m gonna have a take he hasn’t thought of… That could be plausible. You heard it here, folks. That’s really cool. Happy. 

Jake: That’s really, really cool ’cause, I don’t know, ’cause like I said, I’m fine with him being the villain, I’m super fine with him being Quicksilver, but that’s… I think that’s the role that… Well, depending on what villain he is, but the villain or him being speed, it gives him the most longevity in the MCU. That’s interesting, I like that. The last thing we got is Doctor Strange is for sure in the show, I have no idea what episode he appears in, he could show up like… He could show up the first time that sword is shown on the show and he’s helping sword try to figure out what’s going on with Wanda. And it could be that he shows up in that capacity for four or five minutes and they’re like, Shit, bro, we don’t know, and so they’re strange is like, Alright, well, I got other things, I gotta handle. When you all figure it out to shoot me a message 

 Jenny: Or maybe he’s like chilling in the sanctum and Somebody’s ripping shit up and the multiverse like, Please go check this out.  

Jake: So it could be he shows up in the first couple of episodes and then doesn’t show up till the end, he could just be in the cameo that sets up… 

 Jenny: I would love to see him in the 50s and 60s. 

 Jake: That would be super cool. Super duper cool. And that’s the thing is like, like I said, we’ve seen so little of this show. 

 Jenny: They are really doing a great job of giving us enough to keep us hungry and telling us absolutely nothing at all. 

 Jake: None whatsoever. So yeah, I just don’t know when it’s gonna be, but I’ll for sure get strange. I wouldn’t be surprised if you get a couple of cool either cameos from the Fox or Sony universes, or we get the introduction of some multiverse heroes or villains that will end up seeing in multiverse of madness. Like I said, we got a lot this year, and this is… We just kicking it off right now, it’s just a jump off point, it’s just… To jump off point. 

*outro music plays* 

 Jenny: Yeah, it’s just the tip of the iceberg. I’m very excited. 

 Jake: So I think that about wraps us up for the first episode of history of the MCU, we sincerely thank everyone for joining us, you can expect a new episode every Saturday or Sunday that covers the newest episode of Wanda Vision, and this schedule will continue for all of the subsequent Disney+ MCU shows, and possibly even some Mandalorian related Star Wars content, we do plan on doing character deep dives and review breakdowns of each movie from the infinity saga. We currently don’t have a schedule for those releases, but we will definitely keep you all informed, the best way for you ought to keep up with us is to follow us over on Twitter, @historyoftheMCU, you can find me personally at Lord_anarchy. 

 Jenny: You can find me on Twitter at bloodybaroness, on Instagram at itsthebloodybaroness. 

Jake: And we have a new Discord server, but I’m having some issues with those links expiring, so if you’d like to come and join our little community that we’re building, shoot me a DM on either of the Twitter accounts, and I will send you the invite link… Also, be sure to check out our website: as we will begin featuring new content on their weekly, and one of these days, I may even get around to posting the detailed breakdowns of all of the iron man armors. Thanks so much for hanging out with us and we’ll talk to you again next week. 

 Jenny: Special thanks to GirlsGoneCannon, NotACast, Murphy’s Multiverse and Joe of Lich King for helping us get this done and get it out to you. Thanks for letting us talk at you, XO see ya later hydra haters! 

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