Deleted Scenes – Iron Man (2008)

Convoy Ambush – In an extended opening sequence of the convoy ambush, we see both Rhodey and Tony take action during the Ten Rings kidnapping. After Stark’s kidnapping, a ransom video from the Ten Rings makes it clear Obadiah Stane is complicit in the kidnapping. 
Craps Table with Tony and Rhodey – Tony makes a massive bet while Rhodey expresses his concerns with the upcoming weapons demo in a hot zone but Tony nonchalantly brushes off both Rhodey’s concerns and the three million dollars he just lost. 
Tony and Rhodey on Stark Jet and Military Ceremony – Rhodey and Tony enjoy the wide array of amenities on Tony’s private jet but as Rhodey plans to get some rest, he and Tony are informed they are on their final approach to the airbase. Once on the ground, Tony informs the general that their flight was…”choppy” in an attempt to cover for Rhodey. The two are then treated to a military ceremony to celebrate their arrival. 
Rhodey and General Gabriel – Rhodey speaks with General William Gabriel and expresses his desire to return to Afghanistan to continue searching for Tony Stark. 
Champions – Tony and Yinsen are playing backgammon when Abu Bakaar, a member of the Ten Rings and one of Tony’s captors, comes in and demands to know when Tony will be finished…with Bakaar’s laundry.  Bakaar then speaks on his expertise in backgammon and appears to bond with Tony and Yinsen until Raza, the leader of the Ten Rings, enters the cave and shoots Bakaar in the head. 
Tony Comes Home – Tony returns home from captivity and is greeted by JARVIS who informs him he has over 1,000 unheard messages. Tony directs him to delete them all and to boot up the scanner. 
Tony Begins MARK II – Tony begins preliminary construction of the MK2. 
Dubai Party – Tony has Pepper throw an impromptu party in his Dubai mansion. After greeting several of his guests, Tony heads upstairs with two new friends but as they head towards the bedroom, Tony invites another friend along. Tony leaves the three women under the guise of getting champagne glasses but instead flies off in the MARK III during the fireworks show.
Pepper Discovers Tony as Iron Man – Pepper discovers Tony smoking and drinking in the MARK III the morning after the party at Dubai mansion. Tony asks Pepper to “get him out of here”. 
What’s at Stake? – Obadiah gives the scientists and engineers at Stark Industries an impassioned speech about “what’s at stake”. 
Rhodey Saves Iron Man on Freeway – Tony is in dire straits during his fight with Obadiah Stane in the Iron Monger suit but before Stane can strike a killing blow, Rhodey comes to the rescue. 
Rooftop Battle – In an alternate ending, Obadiah does not fall directly into the Arc Reactor, he and Tony instead land on the broken roof overhanging the reactor. After a short conversation, Obadiah tells Tony “we’ve done our part, now it’s time for both of us to go” and attempts to pull Tony into the Arc Reactor. Tony detaches his gauntlet and lets Obadiah fall to his death.

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