War Machine Armor MARK II

The War Machine MARK II armor (temporarily branded the Iron Patriot) was the replacement suit Tony built for James Rhodes after Tony and Rhodey managed to defeat Ivan Vanko/Whiplash at the Battle at Stark Expo. After winning the battle, Tony reclaimed the MARK II, stripped it of all Hammer tech and retired the suit to the Hall of Armors. However, to create a buffer between himself and the US government and focus his attention on the construction of Stark Tower and consulting with S.H.I.E.L.D, Tony decided to build Rhodey a new set of armor. With Tony preoccupied, Rhodey began protecting the world in Iron Man’s place and began taking down various Ten Rings terrorist cells around the world. When the Chitauri invaded New York, Rhodey was called in to assist but was engaged with a Ten Rings cell in Hong Kong. By the time he made it to New York, the fighting was done and the Avengers were enjoying dinner at a local shawarma restaurant.

After several “terrorist” attacks by the Mandarin, the US government and A.I.M rebranded the War Machine MARK II armor, the Iron Patriot. Along with the new name, the armor was given a new paint job, similar to that of Captain America’s color scheme, in an attempt to raise the morale of the American people. As part of Aldrich Killian’s (the founder of A.I.M) plan, Rhodey was removed from the Iron Patriot armor and Eric Savin took control of the suit to kidnap the president. Rhodey and Tony managed to thwart Killian’s plan, reclaiming the Iron Patriot armor in the process. Some time after the Battle on the Norco but prior to the event of Avengers: Age of Ultron, the War Machine MARK II was returned to its original color scheme and name. Rhodey would continue to use this armor for his superhero duties until Tony replaced it with the War Machine MARK III armor, some time before the events of Captain America: Civil War.

Quick Facts

– Designer – Tony Stark
– User – James Rhodes/Eric Savin/President Matthew Ellis
– Code Name – War Machine/Iron Patriot
– Armor Class – War Machine Armor
– Armor Type – Black and silver plates/Red, blue and silver plating
– Armor Height – 6 ft.
– Status – Active
– Power Core – New Element Arc Reactor Mark II
– Armor Features
– Armor Systems – Status system, Propulsion systems
– Weapons – Repulsors, Unibeam,
– Armor Composition
– Armor Capabilities – Super-strength, Durability, Flight
– Predecessor – MARK XXII
– Successor – War Machine Armor MARK III
– Preceded By – War Machine Armor MARK I
– Followed By – War Machine Armor MARK III
– First AppearanceIron Man 3


– Mini-gun – equipped on either arm and concealed beneath the exoskeleton of the armor unlike the War Machine MARK I.
– Back mounted machine gun – a thin, long, double barreled rifle is mounted on the back of the armor with on a V shaped track. The track allows the gun to move up and down the armor’s back essentially eliminating any blind spots for this weapon.
– Missiles – the armor is equipped with a vast array of missiles.
– Miniature Stark Sonic Cannon – the Stark Sonic Canon (previously scene in THE INCREDIBLE HULK) can create frequencies that can cause a human’s ears to bleed and is only used as a last resort.
– Standard Iron Man suit weapons – this suit possessed the standard Repulsor gauntlets and Unibeam.


– Upgrade and new design – the War Machine MARK II was a complete overhaul to the War Machine MARK I. The War Machine MK1 was originally the MK2, a prototype suit designed specifically for flight. As such, the suit did not posses weapons grade Repulsor, had poor energy distribution and was not calibrated for Rhodey. The War Machine MK2 was designed from the start as a military weapon and is noticeably more streamlined. The armor possessed weapons grade level Repulsors, enhanced thrusters and like the MK7, was designed to wrap around its user.
– Standard Iron Man suit capabilities – this suit grants the user standard capabilities of all Iron Man suits including super strength, enhanced durability and flight.


– Standard Iron Man suit systems –  this suit possessed the standard Iron Man suit systems including the J.A.R.V.I.S OS and the propulsion system.


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