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Full History of the MCU Episode Transcripts

For our friends who are hard of hearing…and those of you who prefer the written word over listening to our dulcet tones, we are providing full transcripts of episodes of History of the MCU. Thank you to Akira for making sure you get the full HMCU experience on “paper”. <3

Transcript for Episode 1: WandaVision, A Purple People Eater, & The Multiverse Bifrost

Jake: Hey. Hi. Hello and welcome to the first episode of History of the MCU, the podcast that covers anything and everything MCU-related. I’m one of your hosts, Jake, better known as lord_anarchy, or JakeBakersays, or l0rd0fthunder, or possibly a whole bunch of other names because I’m terrible at branding.  Jenny: and hi, I’m Jenny Mac, your…

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