The Mark VIII is the eighth Iron Man suit Tony built and the first suit built-in rapid succession after the events of the Battle of New York that led to the creation of the Iron Legion. Although the MK7 remained Tony’s main suit until he finished designing the MK42, the MK8 is an upgraded version of the MK7. The suit sees superior weapons and flights systems and a boost to it’s durability by adding platinum plating and additional Kevlar to the suit’s armor. The MK8 armor design is slightly less bulky than the MK7 and the external redesigns are seen in the MK30, MK31 and MK33.

The MK8 arrived at the Battle on the Norco when Tony had J.A.R.V.I.S initiate the House Party Protocol. Towards the end of the battle, the MK8 targeted both Pepper Potts and Aldrich Killian as they both had Extremis signatures. Pepper managed to destroy the armor by punching a hole through the armor’s Arc Reactor and used the Repulsor on the right arm to shoot a rocket she kicked at Killian, finally killing him in the resulting explosion.

Quick Facts

  • Designer – Tony Stark
  • User – Tony Stark, Pepper Potts(Right Arm)
  • Code Name – None
  • Armor Class – Basic Iron Man Suit
  • Armor Type – Fully Loaded Suit Upgrade
  • Armor Color – Dark red with light golden plates
  • Armor Height – 6’0 ft.
  • Status – Destroyed
  • Power Core New Element Mini-Arc Reactor II
  • Armor Features – Extra layers of Kevlar and made with titanium and platinum plating for increased protection and durability, Upgraded weapons and flight systems
  • Armor Systems – J.A.R.V.I.S OS, Status system, Propulsion systems, Advanced donning system
  • Weapons – Repulsors, Unibeam, 200-Petawatt laser, Missiles, Flares
  • Armor Composition – Platinum and titanium plating with extra layers of Kevlar
  • Armor Capabilities – Super strength, enhanced durability, flight, ice and water resistance, rapid deployment
  • Predecessor –  MARK VII
  • Successor– MARK IX/MARK XII
  • Preceded By MARK VII
  • Followed By – MARK IX
  • First Appearance Iron Man 3

Features and Capabilities

  • Enhanced weapons systems– the specifics are the MK8 are scant but the weapons systems have received an upgrade and all weapons systems on the MK8 surpass the capabilities of the MK7.
  • Enhanced flight systems– the specifics are limited but the MK8 is more versatile and agile than the MK7.
  • Advanced durability – the MK8 is the most durable armor to date due to the additional platinum plating and extra layer of Kevlar. This extra plating and layer of protection allow the MK8 to withstand the force of a small missile.
  • Standard Iron Man suit capabilities– this suit grants the user standard capabilities of all Iron Man suits including super strength, enhanced durability, flight, ice and water resistance and rapid deployment.


  • Standard Iron Man suit weapons – this suit possesses the signature Repulsor gauntlets, Unibeam, shoulder-mounted guns, side winders, guided missiles, micro munition missiles, rockets, 200-Petawatt lasers and flares.


  • Standard Iron Man suit systems – this suit possesses the standard Iron Man suit systems including the J.A.R.V.I.S OS, the propulsion system and the advanced donning system.


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