The MARK IV was the fourth Iron Man suit Tony built and was built to replace the MK3 after it was severely damaged in Tony’s fight against Obadiah Stane in his Iron Monger suit. As the MK4 was built as a replacement for the MK3 , the changes made to the suit are minor. The most notable was to the chest piece of the armor that was redesigned to accommodate the new Palladium RT Mark III. Tony also made slight design changes to the suit’s internal mechanics and plating that allowed for a better fit, more mobility and likely made the suit easier to put on and take off. The MK4 featured all of the capabilities, features and systems of the MK3.

The MK4 debuted in Iron Man 2 as Tony’s main suit after the events of Iron Man left the MK3 severely damaged. Tony wore this suit throughout Iron Man 2 until he discovered a new element to power the RT in his chest. Tony then retired the MK4 in favor of the MK6 as the this suit was designed to utilize the higher energy output of the new element Tony rediscovered. The MK4 was destroyed when the Mandarin attacked Stark’s mansion during the events of Iron Man 3.

Quick Facts

– Designer – Tony Stark
– User – Tony Stark
– Code Name – None
– Armor Class – Basic Iron Man Suit
– Armor Type – None
– Armor Color – Red with golden plates
– Armor Height – 6’3 ft.
– Status – Destroyed
– Power Core Palladium RT MARK III
– Armor Features – Active internal shutter, refined and edged plates
– Armor Systems – J.A.R.V.I.S OS, Propulsion systems, Filtration system
– Weapons – Repulsors, Unibeam, rockets, shoulder-mounted guns, flares
– Armor Composition – Gold-titanium alloy
– Armor Capabilities – Super strength, enhanced durability, flight, ice resistance
– Predecessor MARK III
– Successor MARK VI
– PrecededBy MARK III
– Followed By MARK V
– First Appearance Iron Man 2


– Standard Iron Man suit weapons – this suit possesses the signature Repulsor gauntlets, Unibeam, shoulder-mounted guns, rockets and flares.


– Standard Iron Man suit capabilities – this suit grants the user standard capabilities of all Iron Man suits including super strength, enhanced durability, flight and ice resistance.


– Standard Iron Man suit systems – this suit possesses the standard Iron Man suit systems including the J.A.R.V.I.S OS and the propulsion system.


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