AVENGERS: ENDGAME Toys Released Internationally.

Toys from AVENGERS: ENDGAME have began to release internationally. Below are the photos and what this could possibly mean for some of the events of ENDGAME.


The first image features 4 different toys of Spider-Man, Captain America, Thor and Black Panther. It appears both the Spider-Man and Black Panther toys are new but “inspired” by the events of INFINITY WAR, so no new information there. But the Cap and Thor toys could tell us something.

Captain America appears to be in his Golden Age Uniform that he wore at the end of CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE WINTER SOLDIER and is notably missing his beard. In the first trailer for ENDGAME, Rogers appears to be wearing his S.H.I.E.L.D Stealth Uniform. Either way it appears that this is confirmation that we will have a more traditional Captain America, both in uniform and facial hair, in ENDGAME.

Thor appears to be wearing one of the white and red suits that leaked as concept art back in November. There is no confirmation on this but I believe our heroes will wear these suits as they travel through time in the Quantum Realm.

Next we have the Hulk and Black Widow in the same suit as Thor, confirming that we will likely see all of the heroes in the concept art that leaked in November in these suits at some point during ENDGAME.

Based on this toy and earlier leaked concept art of the Hulk, I believe we will be getting the MCU’s version of Professor Hulk in ENDGAME.

Although his toy is not pictured in this batch of photos, Ronin is part of this Titan Hero Series. This is confirmation that Clint Barton has assumed the mask and mantle of Ronin to conceal his identity and protect himself from the Sokovia Accords.

As with Ronin, Valkyrie’s toy is not pictured but she is part of the Titan Hero Series. This would appear to be confirmation that she survived the destruction of the Statesman and the Decimation and will appear in ENDGAME, although we do not know it what capacity. There was a leak of concept art of Stormbreaker and a new Asgardian weapon back in October. I thought Captain Marvel would be the one to wield this new Asgardian weapon but perhaps it will end up being Valkyrie instead.


Lastly, we have Thanos back in his armor. This is interesting as he shed his armor at the beginning of INFINITY WAR on his journey to collect the Infinity Stones. Although the Gauntlet is undamaged on this toy, I believe in the movie it will remain damaged and while it will remain a formidable weapon, its powers will be greatly diminished after using it to complete the Decimation. This toy matches leaked concept art of Thanos which had him back in his armor and wielding his sword.

That about sums it up for my thoughts on these AVENGERS: ENDGAME toys. Let me know what you think in the comments or on Twitter, you can find me @jakebakersays or @HistoryOfTheMCU.

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