The MARK II was the second Iron Man suit Tony built and was a prototype suit designed to explore flight potential. The suit was built in stages, with Tony first designing the thruster boots to enable flight followed quickly by a set of palm based Repulsor gauntlets. Once Tony perfected the flight capabilities of the MK2, he moved onto a cosmetic and functionality overhaul of the armor making it sleeker, more aerodynamic and added articulated control flaps for enhanced flight control and stability.

Once the armor was manufactured, Tony integrated J.A.R.V.I.S into the armor and took the MK2 on it’s first and only flight against the recommendation of J.A.R.V.I.S. The inaugural flight was a massive success until Tony attempted to test the atlitude limitations of the suit and discovered a near fatal icing problem at high altitudes. After it’s initial flight, Tony retired the MK2 in favor of the MK3, although the armor would proceed to become the War Machine MARK I.

During the events of Iron Man 2, Rhodey dons the armor due to Tony’s reckless behavior at what Tony believed to be his last birthday party. In the wake of the ensuing fight, Rhodey leaves Stark’s mansion and delivers the MK2 to US Air Force. While in possession of the Air Force, Justin Hammer outfits the MK2 with a plethora of weapons and the armor is renamed War Machine. After the conclusion of Iron Man 2, Tony reclaims the MK2 and strips it of all Hammer tech as Tony feels it is an insult to have inferior technology equipped on his suit. The MK2 is then retired to the Hall of Armor and Tony builds Rhodey a new War Machine suit.

Quick Facts

– Designer – Tony Stark
– User – Tony Stark/James Rhodes
– Code Name – None
– Armor Class – Basic Iron Man Suit
– Armor Type – Prototype Flight Armor
– Armor Color – Steel silver
– Armor Height – 6 ft.
– Status – Destroyed
– Power CorePalladium RT MARK II
– Armor Features – Armor gauntlets, Thruster boots, flaps, stabilizers
– Armor Systems – J.A.R.V.I.S OS, Propulsion systems
– Weapons – Repulsors, Unibeam
– Armor Composition – Chromium titanium steel alloy
– Armor Capabilities – Super-strength, enhanced durability, flight
– PredecessorMARK I
– SuccessorMARK III
– Preceded ByMARK I
– Followed ByMARK III
– First AppearanceIron Man

Features and Capabilities

– Thruster boots – the thruster boots serve as the main flight power of the armor, and utilizes the same technology as the Repulsors drawing their power from the RT. A single Propulsor is located beneath each thruster boot and is used solely for the purpose of propulsion and flight.
– Repulsor gauntlets – a pair of armored gauntlets, each equipped with a Repulsor, serving as the suit’s main weapon. The Repulsors also function as the suits secondary flight stabilizers and are used when making banks and turns.
– Stabilizers – the MARK II has flaps and ailerons built into the shoulders and legs of the suit to help increase flight stability. These features become concealed in later model suits.
– Flaps – this suit is equipped with emergency flaps that used for braking.
– Super strength – this suit grants the user superhuman strength. Not only does it allow the user to lift and move heavy objects, it greatly enhances the user combat abilities.
– Enhanced durability – the suit is near bullet proof and grants the user incredibly enhanced durability while in combat.
– Flight – due to it’s thruster boots, Repulsor gauntlets and propulsion system, this suit is a capable of full flight with the ability achieve supersonic speed.


– Repulsors – a pair of armored gauntlets, each equipped with a Repulsor, that shoots beams of energy when charged. This is the suit’s main weapon but also serve to aid in flight power and stabilization. While the MK2 possesed the standard Repulsors, at the time of the test flight, their sole purpose was flight stabilization as Tony only upgraded the energy output of the Repulsors to “weapons grade levels” on the MK3.
– Unibeam – the suit’s most powerful weapon, capable of immense destruction as it projects a beam of pure energy for a short amount of time. As the Unibeam is so powerful, it rapidly drains energy from the mini-arc reactor, which weakens the armor’s strength and is therefore not recommended for regular use.


– J.A.R.V.I.S OS – J.A.R.V.I.S was uploaded and integrated into the armor and provides an HUD, target scanning, GPS, visuals for power levels and vital signs, manages all of the other suit’s functionalities and systems and assists Tony while using the armor.
– Propulsion system – designed to pull energy from the mini-arc reactor and direct it to the thruster boots and repulsor gauntlets.


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