The MARK I(MK1) was the first Iron Man suit Tony built. With the assistance of Ho Yinsen, Tony designed and created the MK1 during his time in captivity of the Ten Rings and  utilized the suit in his escape from the terrorist organization. After his escape, the pieces of the MK1 were collected by the Ten Rings and ultimately ended up in the hands of Obadiah Stane who then used the suit as a model for the Iron Monger armor. After the events of Iron Man, Tony was able to retrieve and reassemble the MK1 from the wreckage of Stark Industries, rebuild the suit and then added it to the Hall of Armors. The suit was destroyed during the Mandarin’s attack on Stark’s Malibu mansion.

In addition to the MK1, Tony built his first miniature arc reactor (RT) while in captivity and used it to power the internal systems of the suit. The suit also featured a rocket, a flamethrower attached to each arm and jet boots equipped in the soles.

The MK1 was a very crude looking suit. This is due to the fact the Tony was forced to build the suit in a cave with limited resources, most notably deconstructed Stark missiles parts. These missile parts are composed of an iron magnesium copper alloy and provided Tony with enhanced user strength and durability.

Quick Facts

– Designer – Tony Stark, Ho Yinsen
– User – Tony Stark
– Code Name – None
– Armor Class – Basic Iron Man Suit
– Armor Type – Prototype Iron Man Armor
– Armor Color – Silver
– Armor Height – 6 ft.
– Status – Destroyed
– Power CorePalladium RT Mark I
– Armor Features – Jet boots
– Armor Systems – Internal systems
– Weapons – Flamethrowers, Rocket
– Armor Composition – Iron copper magnesium alloy
– Armor Capabilities – Enhanced user strength, increased protection, limited flight capabilities
– Predecessor – None
– SuccessorMARK II
– Preceded By – None
– Followed By – MARK II
– First AppearanceIron Man

Features and Capabilities

– Jet boots – the suit features a set of jet boots that are built into the soles of the suit. These boots provide limited flight capabilities.
– Enhanced user strength – the suit provides Tony with increased strength, allowing him to throw punches that throw enemies across the room. At one time he swung with enough force to get his arm stuck in the cave wall.
– Increased protection – the suit provides Tony with full protection in vital areas and is bulletproof against small munitions.
– Limited flight capabilities – the suit grants Tony the ability to fly a limited distance but has no aerodynamic control while in flight. The jets are fueled by solid state rocket fuel that was scrapped from the Stark missiles propulsion systems.


– Flamethrower – the suit had two flamethrowers, one mounted on the underside of each arm.
– Rocket – the suit has a powerful rocket attached to the arm piece of the armor. The systems failed when Tony tried to shoot the rocket and he was forced to deploy it manually.


– Internal systems – the MK1 only the basic programming, internal systems and power needed for the armor’s movement and weapons use.


– MK1 is the only armor to be equipped with a flamethrower
– MK1 is one of the heaviest armors, weighing in at over 1,500 pounds



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